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With Christmas just around the corner, it's time to get into the festive mood and learn a thing or two about 'The Art of Entertaining'. We met up with Ms. Shermaine Wong, founder of Tish Lifestyle to give us some inside scoop of her recent #TishStyleSesh workshops.


Aimed to build a creative community or network for small businesses, Team Tish is passionate about discovering and supporting emergent talent, locally and internationally, particularly those who share their approach for chic living and beautiful spaces. With a series of curated workshops such as #TishStyleSesh, each experience offers you tips, tricks and techniques to prepare you for a merry joyful Christmas.

This time, with artists, hobbyist and creative minds alike, DIY-enthusiasts can learn the art of festive food styling, curate your own Christmas wreath and get crafty on bespoke handmade Christmas cards. After all, keeping it personal and having customized gifts are always the best bet. So, why not get into it and make it special with Team Tish's amazing tricks!


#TishStyleSesh is a collaborative team hosting insightful and creative events and workshops for the creative and entrepreneurial community




Want to make your food look good? A lot goes behind the scene for a memorable food snap. Like what they say, there is no love sincerer than the love of good food.

What you need - Tweezers, spray bottles, brushes, Q-tips, bamboo toothpicks, scissors, a bottle of oil, napkins, just to name a few. Most importantly, your phone camera!

How to do it - Having a good plan is key to a smooth photoshoot so pre-planning is definitely advisable! Prior to taking shots, three main principle to remember, 'relate, create and choose'. So first thing's first, you will always need to think of a story behind the food i.e. recipes and ingredients. Then create your theme or mood board and lastly, choose the right colour and props. Build your shots and imagine the narrative before you settle for the right moment to snap up a picture. 



There's nothing better than making your own Christmas wreath. This step-by-step guide below will show you how to make a truly unique holiday wreath that you can call your own. 

What you need - Pruning shears, wire clippers, scissors, wires, ribbons, lose greens and lose flowers, floral foam ring base. You are able to get all of these in any floral shop or craft stores across town. 

How to do it - Decide on your concept and theme. Gather all your ingredients and tools. Cut your greens first and arrange them into bunches. You can either mix the different types, or use similar types to tie them together. With a 5-inch piece wire, attach the greenery to the base ring and clip them together. Work anti clock wise and make sure you have the leaves overlap with one another. Repeat this until you come to a full circle. Adjust as needed to ensure there are no gaps. Once this is completed, add accents by accessorizing your wreath with baubles, ribbons, candy canes, etc and your Christmas wreath is ready!

Written by Mustasha Musa

Source & Images taken from Tish Lifestyle



Colour blending, layering, developing effective compositions and mixing your own palette can make beautiful watercolour Christmas Cards. With the right methods and techniques you will surely be able to personalize your own in no time!

What you need - Watercolour paints, watercolour brushes, metallic paints, coloured cardstock, ribbons and twine.

How to do it - Less is more. Modern designs are often simple and minimalistic. Start with a simple design and a simple colour palette. Different colour gradients in the same palette can allow you to achieve a more cohesive look. Always allow watercolour to blend and move on its own as the random affects of pigment blending can be quite interesting. To make the design stand out, make use of contrasting elements. Add also metallic accents to give you a luxe feel to your work. You can also try mixing different textures as well as 3D elements to the card. With simple lettering, strategize areas in which you will be able to draw attention to and you're done!


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